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British International Academy is

one of a kind!

"It provides a happy and caring environment so that the students can recognize and achieve what they really desire to be.

During their Programs, the teachers provide closer mentoring and greater support, thereby identifying students' strengths and weaknesses. As a Parent, I feel that BIA offers an enriched education to my children."

Parent with children in Early Years and MYP


The mission of BIA is
to develop happy,

respectful and internationally minded inquirers

who use their learning
to make a positive difference.

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The BIA Mission


How was

the BIA mission created?

In the Spring of 2018 we carried out a whole community review of our mission.

  • Each class generated ideas about the type of academy they wanted to be in.

  • Classes presented their ideas in a whole school assembly.  

  • Teachers discussed the mission and shared ideas.

  • Parents discussed the school and its mission at a PTA meeting.

  • Finally, teachers worked together create a single sentence that we felt best represented the mission of BIA.



We believe that to be happy in academy, everyone must feel physically and emotionally safe. We must also be actively engaged in learning that challenges us appropriately. We want all to develop a growth mindset and to experience the joy of learning.



We believe that everyone has a right to be respected at all times and that this will support both happiness in the academy and higher levels of learning. We also believe that it is important to respect the natural world, our built environments, our cultures and beliefs.



We believe that concept driven inquiry is the best approach for learning in academy and for lifelong success. Inquiry based learning is engaging and motivating for learners, as well as challenging for all levels. In this way, it contributes to the happiness of learners and to higher levels of achievement.



We believe that learning is more meaningful when it connects to the real world. We seek to encourage learners to take action that stems from their learning and thereby become effective in the world. It builds confidence and independence.


International Mindedness

We believe international mindedness is essential for understanding the world and for thriving in it. By relating our actions and our learning to other people and places, we enhance our learning and develop respect for each other and our environment.

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