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We use the IB PYP, MYP, DP framework, supported by the English National Curriculum.




Age 5 to 11

Primary Years at BIA is a time to ask questions, find answers and solutions to problems through inquiry. It is a time to develop passions and friendships and begin to take ownership of their education.

Our Primary Years follow 6 Units of Inquiry each year, giving a balance of all subject areas – Language, Language Acquisition (French), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts (Music, Drama and Visual) and PSPE (Personal, Social & Physical Education), with a real focus on Growth Mindset and Student Agency.

실행 아이들

We love maths because it’s so fun –
because our teachers are so great!
BIA teachers and friends are all kind and caring!
Learning is fun at BIA because there are fun teachers and friends. I talk about my learning with them!

- Student, PYP 1/2

All units follow a cycle of inquiry that include: Tuning In, Finding Out, Sorting Out, Going Further, Making Conclusions and Taking Action. We
link to our local and global communities, whenever possible –
discovering similarities and celebrating differences along the way.

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