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We offer the environment, care and positive encouragement that children need in order to develop into confident and caring individuals.


Boarding at BIA

Our dorms are placed near the academic buildings (2 mins on foot).  In BIA, we welcome students from further afield in South Korea such as Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Changwon, etc. We believe that boarding is a rich and life-affirming experience for our students. We know that they will leave us well prepared for the demands and challenges of university life. Their friendships are extraordinarily long-lived. They are independent, resilient, resourceful, cheerful, tolerant, pro-active, kind, capable young men and women who go on to make their mark on the world.

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In each house, there is a common room where pupils can relax, chat to friends or watch a film, along with kitchen and dining areas to make drinks and light snacks. Their comfortable bedrooms are shared, usually with three others for MYP, while DP students are in rooms of one or two. They are encouraged to ‘decorate’ their bedrooms to make them feel homely. BIA dormitory has a Houseparent, along with a friendly Matron, helping to keep students organised and tidy, offering a friendly ear, and providing a wealth of useful information.
In each house, there are designated revision and library spaces for self study and tutoring. 

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